[Grok-dev] Re: problems using zc.sourcefactory (was: Re: Adding a image to form_fields)

Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke at web.de
Mon Sep 3 08:48:58 EDT 2007


Am 03.09.2007 um 13:07 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
>   <include package="zc.sourcefactory" />

Oh, the last remains of ZCML. ;-)

Ok, now I have zc.sourcefactory working, and I get the same error  
like before. No surprise, the Choice-field seems to be limited to ASCII.

I tried to consult the README.txt, but it does not say anything about  
how to provide the right titles for the source in the Choice-field.

So I cannot figure out how to provide a second title of the value in  
the dropdown menu of the Grok AddForm.

BTW: There seems to be a typo:

Sources split up the process of providing input fields with choices  
for users
into several components: a context binder, a source class, a terms  
class, and a
term class.

term class is used twice.

Maybe I am searching in the wrong cave. Perhaps it is better to i18n- 
ify the Zoo and solve it this way.

Thanks for all your patience.

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