[Grok-dev] Re: problems using zc.sourcefactory (was: Re: Adding a image to form_fields)

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Mon Sep 3 17:26:25 EDT 2007

Am Montag, den 03.09.2007, 14:48 +0200 schrieb Jan Ulrich Hasecke:
> Hi,
> Am 03.09.2007 um 13:07 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
> >
> >   <include package="zc.sourcefactory" />
> Oh, the last remains of ZCML. ;-)
> Ok, now I have zc.sourcefactory working, and I get the same error  
> like before. No surprise, the Choice-field seems to be limited to ASCII.
> I tried to consult the README.txt, but it does not say anything about  
> how to provide the right titles for the source in the Choice-field.
> So I cannot figure out how to provide a second title of the value in  
> the dropdown menu of the Grok AddForm.
> BTW: There seems to be a typo:
> """
> Sources split up the process of providing input fields with choices  
> for users
> into several components: a context binder, a source class, a terms  
> class, and a
> term class.
> """
> term class is used twice.

Nope. there's a 'terms' class and a 'term' class. 

Try adding a `getTitle(self, value)` method to your source.


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