[Grok-dev] The Mammoth-Herd Example

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Sep 6 04:22:52 EDT 2007

Oh, sorry.

 From the error it would seem that you have a page template but no  
class inheriting from the grok.View with the same name. Might be a  
typo. To specifically state which template to use when rendering add...


Or just try removing the template to see what error you get then  
(should be something like "missing page template or render method")

Mvh Sebastian

6 sep 2007 kl. 09.55 skrev Claudia Liersch:

> HI! Thanks for your answer.
>> You need a page template with the same name as the class. You can  
>> find the page template bellow the code on the same page:
> My Classes are named (original from the example)
> class Herd(grok.Application, grok.Container):
> class HerdIndex(grok.View):
>> "The HTML of the default view for herds is rendered by the  
>> herdindex.pt template. By putting it in the herd_templates  
>> directory, it will be picked up automatically and associated with  
>> the view class in herd.py according to the name of the template  
>> file and the name of the view class:"
> Thats exactly how I understood it.
>> herd.py
>> herd_templates/
>> herd_templates/herdindex.pt
> These are exacly my files and folders.
> Thats why I cant understand the Error
> GrokError: Found the following unassociated template(s) when  
> grokking 'herd': herdindex.  Define view classes inheri
> ting from grok.View to enable the template(s).
> But it doesnt run???
> I put a ZIP-File with my project on http://atw.dyndns.org/dev/herd/
> Maybe somebody can find out my fault.

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