[Grok-dev] various balls grok has in the air (and help us catch them)

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Mon Sep 10 17:09:57 EDT 2007

Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com> writes:

> Tutorials in progress
> ---------------------
> * SQLAlchemy tutorial - Brandon's still working on this one. Status?
> * Traversing/virtual objects tutorial - status, Bradon?

I am still waiting for an answer to my question on Thursday about why
AbsoluteURL only supports objects with native ILocation support, which
prevents me from providing ILocation adapters for classes which are
not Zope-native.

If no one has any ideas by tomorrow, I will try submitting a Zope bug,
and including - as a patch - the modification to AbsoluteURL that I
suggested in my email last Thursday.

I guess I could go ahead and submit my first draft of the foreign
objects tutorial, and just state that there's no solution for the last
problem it tries to solve. :-)

Then I can finish the SQLAlchemy tutorial, which will defer to the
foreign-object tutorial for how you can present the SQLAlchemy

By the way: once AbsoluteURL is willing to use an object's ILocation
adapter, I think I can write a simple class that lets you write
formulas like:

   "Person objects go in /app/person/%(id)s"
   "Account objects go in /app/account/%(username)s"

and then have that information consulted by *both* a generic ILocation
adapter when Zope asks where the object lives, *and* by a Traverser
invoked when browsers submit URLs.  This would not only prevent
developers from having to write URL information twice (once in an
ILocation adapter and once in their Traverser), but could presumably
support things like the URL pattern engines that I've heard people
talking about for Pylons and Rails (not that I know anything about
them, or would want to program that way myself; but I know people who
like them and it would be interesting if they could be trivially
supported in Grok using a pair of adapters).

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