[Grok-dev] various balls grok has in the air (and help us catch them)

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Mon Sep 10 23:29:55 EDT 2007

> * We need to update NudgeNudge to use the newer buildout.cfg. Should be
> a minor task.

I volunteered to do that, and will have time to work on it starting
next Wednesday.

Should the updated version of NudgeNudge be moved to svn.zope.org? I
favor this, because NudgeNudge is a very useful example. But I guess
we should at least ask the team who created it, no?

> * has the old 'fields:" support (which we deprecated in favor of
> schemas) been removed from the grok core yet? CHANGES.txt doesn't say it
> has been, so I'm assuming it hasn't. :)

I also volunteered to do that. Will work on this first thing Wednesday.

> * the Grok core still contains BBB comments in various places. These are
> deprecated things and can probably be safely removed (if the volunteer
> is unsure, discuss it on the list). Someone wants to volunteer and
> remove these?

After I finish with the tasks above, I can work on this as well, but
if anyone else is willing, just let us know.



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