[Grok-dev] Neanderthal news II

Aroldo Souza-Leite asouzaleite at gmx.de
Tue Sep 11 15:26:15 EDT 2007


the following Grok developers have already confirmed their participation
in the Neanderthal sprint:

- Martijn Faassen
- Godefroid Chapelle (3 days)
- Luciano Ramalho
- Uli Fouquet
- Lennart Regebro
- Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

Welcome to these "Martian Grokkers". Thanks for being prepared to land
in the Rheinland area (Thanks also to Uli, our "missing link", for
returning from his Google space trip to the realm of Neanderthal).
Martijn is in charge of bundling and distributing the sprint tasks. Any
further Grok developers interested in sprinting please address Martijn
for the the task contents, and me, for the hotel and org issues. 

The sprint sponsor isn't giving the sprinters anything like a to-do list
and is being careful not to fork a development branch from the
international Grok community. It's very important that the Neanderthal
sprint should fit well in the mainstream Grok development, foster the
usage of Grok in real-world business and respect the priorities
discussed in the grok-dev mailinglist.

Apart from the Martian guests, we the local Neanderthalians are building
an informal group of sprint supporters meeting in a "Rheinland wheelig
and dealing cave" parallel to the kernel sprint room. We'll be trying to
behave in a manner not too parochial, practicing our English, discussing
Grok/Zope3 topics of various technical levels,  working on sprint
supporting tasks (e.g. tutorials, documentation) and looking for ways of
establishing Grok in the Rheinland area and beyond. It's up to the
Martians to give us tasks or recruit any of us to the Martian room if




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