[Grok-dev] maintaining the Grok website

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Sep 14 12:22:29 EDT 2007

14 sep 2007 kl. 18.00 skrev Martijn Faassen:

> * we explore the use of a CMS. I know Sebastian is building one  
> with Grok. Darryl has one too. Then we probably have enough people  
> on board with knowledge of two Zope 2 CMSes: Plone and Silva, so  
> those are options too. The latter options are attractive as they're  
> more feature-rich than the Grok-based ones.
If Luciano would like to take a look at the code so far, I'd be glad  
to send it to him. I just want a second opinion regarding the quality  
of what I have done.

All I can say is that it is lightweight, easy to use and supports a  
workflow oriented view on publishing. I am using it in two customer  
projects right now and I only have to pin down the security/roles  
stuff and then we could go ahead and use it.

Mvh Sebastian

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