[Grok-dev] First Experience with Grok

Shane Hathaway shane.list.grok-dev at hathawaymix.org
Fri Sep 14 15:01:26 EDT 2007


I've just started trying out Grok.  It looks very good so far!

I'd like to point out one issue I stumbled on at first.  After running
grokproject, the server would not start.  The exception I got was
cryptic.  After studying it, I realized my system had an older version
of zope.interface and Twisted installed in site-packages, and that the
sys.path constructed by grokproject preferred the version in
site-packages.  I fixed the problem by removing my site-packages path
from the generated runzope.  I suspect site-packages should never be
preferred over anything from the buildout-eggs directory.

A more general impression: while Grok has clear goals and a clear
audience, I feel like Zope 3 has always had an identity crisis.  But
Grok puts Zope 3 in its place.  Grok establishes that Grok is a
framework while Zope 3 is an integrated set of libraries.  Grok adds to
Zope 3 the kind of stuff required to compete with popular frameworks
like Rails or Django.  That's the way things seem to be headed, anyway.


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