[Grok-dev] Re: maintaining the Grok website

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Fri Sep 14 15:44:51 EDT 2007

Martin Aspeli <optilude at gmx.net> writes:

> If I'm allowed to be a little blunt ... You need a CMS.  That CMS
> should be Plone.

I would like for the website to remain editable through Subversion.
Having to edit content through-the-web has all of the same drawbacks
as having to write code through one's web browser.  Just like we now
do filesystem-based development, rather than attempting to edit and
maintain "Script" objects inside an application, so we also ought to
preserve our ability to access and version-control our content through
the same strong tools that manage our source code.

I also like the fact that someone can, with a single command, check
out the raw ReST files from Subversion and have quite readable text
documentation on their filesystem.

Can a Plone site - or at least part of it - be back-ended through
Subversion, or accessed through Subversion using DAV or something?

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at rhodesmill.org   http://rhodesmill.org/brandon

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