[Grok-dev] maintaining the Grok website

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Fri Sep 14 18:33:30 EDT 2007

On 9/14/07, Sebastian Ware <sebastian at urbantalk.se> wrote:
> If Luciano would like to take a look at the code so far, I'd be glad
> to send it to him. I just want a second opinion regarding the quality
> of what I have done.

I'd be glad to take a look at the code, Sebastian. I second Martijn's
question: can you put it in a public repository? If your CMS is open
source you could put it in our grokapps dir in svn.zope.org. If you
don't want to use the ZPL for some reason, I can give you an account
to put it at the Paleosoft repo, hosted at GoogleCode [1]

[1] http://code.google.com/p/paleosoft/

> All I can say is that it is lightweight, easy to use and supports a
> workflow oriented view on publishing. I am using it in two customer
> projects right now and I only have to pin down the security/roles
> stuff and then we could go ahead and use it.

For the collaborative site of an Open Source product like Grok, I
think the workflow has to be very simple, otherwise it deters
contributions. After years of presenting Plone to corporate customers,
it has become very clear to me that the workflow needs of a company
are very different from the workflow needs of a community like Grok or



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