[Grok-dev] First Experience with Grok

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Fri Sep 14 20:59:30 EDT 2007

Not sure about trimming things out of zope3, its not monolithic, old or 
crufty. Rotterdam is just layer you do not have to use.  You don't need 
to bring the package into your build and you can create whatever you 
want. You can do any of the ajaxy things you want as well to make your 
own beautiful user interface. That way all your cheese is good cheese 
and it will all taste great :-)

In fact, Grok is not about cutting anything out of Zope 3 but more about 
exposing it to developers in lighter, friendlier way. The power of zope 
3 is its flexibility and choice of what you can do to create applications.

Grok removes some of the barriers to zope 3 development with grokkers 
(eliminating the need to configure much of what you are working with). 
It provides some ways of doing things so that you can just do them and 
follow an established pattern. zope 3 also has patterns that are 
increasingly clear in the architecture of the many packages in the 
repository. It takes time to understand these and to appreciate how it 
all goes together when you use them.


Shane Hathaway wrote:

>  We need to trim away the parts of Zope 3 that
> didn't work out well (such as the Rotterdam skin) so that people who
> don't spend 8 hours per day on Zope 3 don't have to dig so much to find
> the good stuff.  I'm hoping that Grok makes it easier to figure out what
> belongs in Zope 3 and what doesn't.

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