[Grok-dev] First Experience with Grok

Shane Hathaway shane.list.grok-dev at hathawaymix.org
Sat Sep 15 00:20:12 EDT 2007

Kevin Smith wrote:
> A maintainable way to "remove" Rotterdam is with skins and layers
> (coming soon).  The
> IDefaultBrowserLayer could also be replaced with something like
> z3c.minimallayer to have
> it permanently removed.

What I have in mind is that I'd like the zope.app.rotterdam egg to not
be installed at all.

> BTW: pgstorage rocks! 

Thanks, I like to hear that.  There are 3 things that need to happen to
take PGStorage to the next level:

- ZODB currently does a lot of work to provide MVCC, but PGStorage
inherits full MVCC support from PostgreSQL.  ZODB should treat storages
that provide native MVCC a little differently.

- The current packing algorithm is probably suboptimal.  It passes the
ZODB pack tests (well, it did when I last ran them), but there's a good
chance it consumes gobs of memory or locks too much of the database,
preventing other stuff from running concurrently.

- People need to use it and test it.  Particularly me. :-)

If we want to continue that discussion we should move it to zodb-dev (or
whatever the ZODB list is called these days).


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