[Grok-dev] Re: maintaining the Grok website

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sat Sep 15 07:27:54 EDT 2007

Sebastian Ware wrote:
> I think it would be very valuable to have the website run on a Grok  
> based CMS. We desperately need show case applications. On the other  
> hand I can see the benefit of a mature CMS such as Plone.
> However, being able to boast that we are so confident in our own  
> technology that we even run the Grok website on a Grok based  
> application is worth a lot to those evaluating it.

*shrug* - I think you're overplaying this card. It may be a neat thing 
to be able to say, but it's not going to be the clincher. All kinds of 
lame PHP projects run their websites on PHP, that's not a good reason to 
chose them. :)

> It will also make  
> a great sample application :)

But there are lots of other great examples you could build. :)

> Just keep an open mind on this one.

All Grok CMS' are vapourware at this point. The need for a good website 
is immediate and ongoing.

Plone has been building a CMS for a long, long time. You get support, 
stability and maturity. The plone.org use case is quite similar to the 
grok.zope.org use case, and honestly we're only really starting to be 
happy with the range of features we need at this point (we really want 
plone.org to move to Plone 3 soon). It may seem simple at first, but 
you'll find that you need more and more. Does your CMS do versioning, 
for example? In-place staging? That's a tough use case to get right.

If you have to maintain your own CMS "for the sake of it", you'll take 
away time that you could've spent improving Grok or making other, more 
impressive demos. I think there are lots of other types of applications 
where Grok really can help you build best-of-breed solutions - why 
compete with Plone head-on?


Acquisition is a jealous mistress

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