[Grok-dev] Re: Should we consider any alternative to Plone?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Sep 16 06:16:09 EDT 2007

Sebastian Ware wrote:

>> Please don't take this the wrong way (I realise there are probably  
>> other pressures), but I actually find your approach here a little  
>> disappointing. I'm glad you're sharing, but it's clearly not open  
>> at this point. All we have is your word that this is even a  
>> feasible product. That's not a problem per-se, and I realise you're  
>> willing to open source it, but the problem is that either you have  
>> to be solely responsible for maintaining it (which I doubt you have  
>> the capacity to do, regardless of your intentions, which I know are  
>> good), or you have to let the community own it. For the community  
>> to own it, they need to shape it, not just have the code dumped in  
>> their laps. Starting out open and growing in an open way usually  
>> leads to better results than starting out closed and relicensing  
>> once the big decisions have all been made.
> I really don't know how to answer this.
> Anyway, maybe I haven't been clear enough.
> -I will be happy to BSD license the code

Great. :)

> -If we choose a Grok-based CMS, it needs to be community supported
> -It has to be good enough up front
> -It needs to be maintainable (lightweight, small code base)

Yep, and I'm glad we all see eye to eye on this.

> -I have sent the code to Luciano because he is smart, open minded and  
> won't hit me on my head if he doesn't like it!

So when can the rest of us see it? :-)

Actually, I ask that question for two reasons: I'd really like to see 
what a Grok-based CMS would look like. There are moves to make 
Grok-style programming more accessible to Plone people. I'd like to 
learn from someone who did it from the ground up with Plone.

> The question is obviously: can you consider a Grok-based CMS as an  
> alternative to Plone?
> If the answer is "yes, if it is good enough" then I suggest we rest  
> this discussion until Luciano has looked at my code and then we know  
> if we have anything worth evaluating. If we don't, this is a non- 
> issue :)

This is a pretty friendly community (perhaps I'm an outlier ;-)) who'll 
give you honest and constructive feedback on your code. If you're afraid 
of getting ridiculed, I think you're worrying too much. If this were in 
a public repository, we'd have a lot more substance to discuss.

If there are commercial drivers that make that difficult, then of course 
we understand.

If there are practical issues (e.g. commit privileges) then let's get 
them sorted out.


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