[Grok-dev] Re: First Experience with Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sun Sep 16 08:41:24 EDT 2007

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> David Pratt wrote:
>> I'd argue that Zope 3 is a framework but without one that doesn't impose 
>> limits with what you might want to do with it. It is not really 
>> 'contained' like any other framework. Maybe the framework without a 
>> frame :-) It is only configuration that explicitly binds your work 
>> together. I find it a natural place for a python programmer but others 
>> may disagree. Zope 3 may not be well marketed - but is it excellent? 
>> Certainly. Twisted is another example of this. Fortunately for folks 
>> that wish to dig deeper in Zope 3, Grok's ease ought to at least attract 
>> them to consider the journey. I am happy that Grok provides this 
>> opportunity and a welcoming community. :-)
> Thanks.  I know there's good stuff in there begging to be used.
> Unfortunately, I just had a slightly disappointing experience.  I
> entered an invalid URL and got a 404 error based on the Rotterdam skin.
>  Ugh!  IMHO, the Rotterdam skin is an example of something Zope 3 does
> badly.  I don't want the Rotterdam skin to exist in my site.  What is
> the best way to remove it?  I hackishly changed some ZCML, but is there
> a maintainable way?
The Rotterdam skin needs to die and we've intended to kill it off for 
quite a while now. We indeed need to come up with a maintainable way to 
do so, and this unfortunately doesn't appear entirely trivial. The 
problem, I understand, is that if we install a package like 
zope.app.container we typically just use its configure.zcml, but this 
also pulls in rotterdam skin registrations.

Clever ideas are needed here. Rotterdam skin delenda est. Even though I 
live in Rotterdam. :)



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