[Grok-dev] Re: maintaining the Grok website

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Mon Sep 17 07:55:14 EDT 2007

Previously Kevin Teague wrote:
> +1 for using Plone 3.
> If Grok continues improving at it's current rapid pace, it's hopeful  
> - and i think possible :) - that within a few years we could have a  
> content base that compares with the size of current plone.org site  
> (7400+ content items). With that much content and the level of  
> traffic to that content, any other solution than using a polished,  
> popular CMS is going to have it's very painful moments.
> We also have the opportunity to out do some our competition, who are  
> dealing with the same problem of wanting to first build a CMS using  
> their framework, then use that CMS to manage their web site. I find  
> Pylons attitude of, "We like the Confluence wiki, and we're okay with  
> using that for our site even if it's not written in Pylons, or even  
> Python" much more appealing than the prevailing trend in say the Ruby  
> on Rails community where there is a very strong push to use only Ruby  
> on Rails solutions for application needs. Using non-Grok solutions is  
> good in that it has the positive message of saying, "We are not so  
> insular and infatuated with our framework that we don't think our  
> other open source web developers aren't building interesting and cool  
> things too."
> I do think that there is a place for building a CMSes in Grok though  
> - especially as a lighter weight CMS alternative to Plone but still  
> making use of all the lovely Zope 3 technologies available. But for  
> me when I play with Grok, I am really much more interested in  
> building non-CMS apps.
> Using Plone and Grok apps are also not mutually exclusive. We can  
> also use Plone to manage much of the content (About, Docs, etc.) on  
> the site, but still host portions of the site using showcase Grok apps.

If someone makes/finishes megrok.plone you can run grok code inside
Plone as well. It's all just Zope in the end.


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