[Grok-dev] the grok website: Plone?

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu Sep 20 01:09:19 EDT 2007

Hi web site volunteers,

My background - I maintain quite a few Plone sites, including the  
public site for the organizations I work for (http://www.bcgsc.ca). I  
spend about 25-50% of my work time working with Plone and now Grok. I  
also helped get the original Grok web site up, and I also did the  
skinning work for the Zope 3 wiki. I've dabbled in all areas of web  
development with the exception of JavaScript - I probably got too  
scarred attempting to use the Netscape <layers> tag a long time  
ago ... I've also been using Zope on-and-off over the last 8 years  
since the 1.1 release, and once rolled my own CMS that made extensive  
use of PyPerl and Zope Perl Scripts (very sexy!). As a Grok volunteer  
I'm only mildly reliable, as I do get busy with other things from  
time to time.

For the Grok with Plone project I'm willing to assist/help take  
Sebastian's design and turn it into a Plone skin.

For the initial work I think we should just focus on getting the  
basic skin ready. There has already been a lot of discussion and  
design work done already, so hopefully the skinning process can go  
quite quickly.

As for specifics, Plone 3 (obviously) and using buildout,  
GenericSetup and friends so that volunteers can easily create their  
own development sandbox.

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