[Grok-dev] the grok website: Plone?

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Thu Sep 20 07:45:24 EDT 2007

I am mostly a Plone, Python and Zope instructor these days, but I've
done some Plone development in the past, and a lot of Zope development
in the early days before the CMF.

I have a strong interest in Information Architecture, which is why I
went back to school to study Library and Information Sciences (there
are no IA courses around here, but LIS has mostly the same theoretical

To foster collaboration, I think we should leverage the fact that
Plone aims at decentralized editing, and make it possible for any
member to post content to their own folder without having to wait for
approval (like the original Plone workflow). That content should then
be presented organized by category and/or content type in smart
folders located near the root of the site.

Content should not be limited to technical docs, but should include
marketing and community content such as cases (sites which use Grok)
and profiles of the Grok developers and users. It's also very useful
for a newcomer to see right up front links to all key online resources
of the community. In the Brazilian Zope/Plone community portal [1], we
have a portlet showing the RSS feed from the main portuguese
Zope/Plone mailing list.

[1] http://www.tchezope.org/

Besides decentralized collaboration, we should have some "canonical"
content, such as the official tutorial, edited and presented

Plone has a lot to offer as the basis of the Grok site, but to me the
most important new content will be a navigable and searchable public
API documentation open for user comments and examples. Because of the
experimental nature of this, I believe it should be written in Grok so
that anyone in our community feels comfortable contributing to it's



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