[Grok-dev] Re: letting Grok take over the site

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Sep 20 18:15:48 EDT 2007

Hi Shane,

Am Mittwoch, den 19.09.2007, 17:19 -0600 schrieb Shane Hathaway:

First many thanks you for your input. Reviewing your proposal, it sounds

> Once you have mapped a different application to the root, how do you
> access the grok admin UI again, let alone other application instances?
> ++app++ is one possible solution.

I see the point. I thought, this would be handled even by a modified
traverser in a manner, that you can still access root applications by
their name. If the admin UI was installed as 'grokadmin' then I would
have expected it to be still accessible as


This seems to have been a false assumption. 

Using the ++app++-namespace, you need to inject the namespace to access
any object in the ZODB (except the one choosen 'root application'),
right? Wouldn't that mean heavy side effects for many existing non-grok

BTW: right now, the index page of the admin UI is only a redirect to the
applications page. This could also be a redirect to any other
application index page, decoupled from the admin UI (given that the
admin UI becomes a 'standalone' grok.Application). Maybe modifying the
index view in an intelligent manner would be a more intuitive approach
(though less Zope3ish), especially if it comes to
applications/components, which compute URLs without any knowledge of the
need to insert the ++app++myname namespace. 

The drawback would be, that any other view would be dependent of the
object name: calling '/' would then for example redirect to '/hello' but
the 'myview' view of the hello-application could only be accessed by
'hello/myview' and not by '/myview'.

Kind regards,


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