[Grok-dev] Re: the grok website: Plone?

Kevin Teague kteague at bcgsc.ca
Thu Sep 20 21:01:51 EDT 2007

I am of the opinion that content for the grok Plone should be organized
according to concern (documentation,about,etc.) and not by person. Even 
if we do have a strong editorial team, with the freedom to edit all content,
it just feels odd to go in and edit content that lives in place such as

The Zope.org Member content dates back to a time when being able to post
your own content on the web was still a novel concept. Aside from the junk
magnet that this turned into, it also had the unfortunate side effect of
contributing to 'zope invisibility' as people put content on there that
really belonged as blog posts. Blog posts can have much wider readership
outside of the Zope community than content exclusive to *.zope.org.

We make good use of the Creators/Contributer fields on Plone content on
my organizations web site. If a senior scientest asks a support staff to
post content, that support staff person can put the name of scientist in the
Creator fields - otherwise the content of that document would appear to be
created by the support staff.  We could perhaps get some use out of this
approach on the Grok site - if one of the very busy core Grok developers
pumps out a thoughtful, but only half-edited blog post, then with that
developers permission, a new volunteer to the community could then re-post
that document to the Grok site, making minor edits as necessary, and also
take credit as a Contributor.

I also suport the idea of reviewed documentation. I think the plone.org
"reviewing and submitting documentation" document is quite good:


In summary, I'd like to see the Grok site content focused on quality, and
we encourage people to post half-baked (or fully-baked) content on
lots of other places outside of grok.zope.org in order to increase the
visibility of the project. If someone wastes a lot of time struggling
because of outdated content, and that content is on grok.zope.org then
they are going to become angry with the project. If they read outdated
content on somebody's blog, hopefully then they will will only be angry 
with that blogger :)

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