[Grok-dev] Recipe - How to create a vocabulary that allows the display of non-ASCII characters

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Sep 24 08:01:47 EDT 2007

I just want to pitch my idea of what a recipe might look like. In  
this case showing how to create a vocabulary that displays unicode  

Mvh Sebastian

** Recipe - How to create a vocabulary that allows the display of non- 
ASCII characters **
Keywords: Recipe, Vocabulary, Unicode, Global Utility

How to create a vocabulary that displays non-ASCII titles. Useful for  
use with zope.schema.Choice fields. The title of each term that is to  
be displayed can be Unicode strings.

from zope import schema
from zope.schema.vocabulary import SimpleVocabulary
from hurry import query

class VocabularySource(object):
     def __call__(self, context):
	    # Get a list of objects (I am using hurry.query to search a  
         theQuery = query.Eq(('workflow_catalog', 'workflow_state'),  
         result = query.query.Query().searchResults(theQuery)
         # For each object, add it as a list of terms  
         # creating each term with SimpleVocabulary.createTerm(value,  
token, title). This
         # allows the title to be unicode, the token has to be ASCII  
(and can be the
         # same as value).
         theTerms = []
         for item in result:
         return  SimpleVocabulary(theTerms)

# Register the vocabulary as a global utility.
                     name=u'Published Objects')

Now you can use this vocabulary as the source for a schema.Choice field.

   chosen_object = schema.Choice(title=u'The Object',  
vocabulary='Published Objects')

Or maybe with this more advanced list field with widget

   chosen_objects = schema.List(title=u'Selected Objects', unique=True,
vocabulary='Published Objects'),

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