[Grok-dev] Open source platform for IDE

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Sep 25 07:25:21 EDT 2007

This might be interesting to monitor, and maybe push a bit to the  
Grok side of Python.

"Open Komodo is not a product, but rather a code base upon which  
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software packages can be  
developed. ActiveState's Komodo Edit (free but not open source multi- 
platform, multi-language editor) and Komodo IDE (multi-platform,  
multi-language IDE for dynamic languages and Ajax technologies IDE)  
are existing, mature products that will use the Open Komodo platform.

With the Open Komodo Project, the focus is on dynamic languages and  
the open web. Open Komodo is developed on top of many open source  
technologies including Mozilla, Python, and Scintilla. The primary  
development technologies used include XUL, JavaScript, Python, and C/C 
++. The Open Komodo platform will be entirely open source and  
licensed under the same terms as Firefox: Mozilla Public License  
(MPL), GNU General Public License (GPL), and GNU Lesser Public  
License (LGPL)."

Mvh Sebastian

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