[Grok-dev] Neanderthal sprint topics

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Sep 28 11:06:54 EDT 2007

Hi there,

Here is a summery of the proposed sprint topics, with some added by 
myself as I think of them. I'd like all sprint attendees to think about 
picking 2 topics:

* a smaller topic that they think they can get completed and checked in 
by the end of day 1 or early day 2.

* a larger, possibly more risky/experimental topic that would take more 
time for the rest of the sprint.

I'd like to get at least all topics listed here discussed with various 
people at the sprint.

The idea is that we'll get more chance to actually get things finished. 
Of course on monday we'll need to plan it out in more detail, as people 
are intended to work in pairs, and some people are will only be there 
for part of the sprint as well.

The sprint topics

* The Grok website. Let's get a Plone skin going with Sebastian's
   skin in there. Then let's start organizing content. (large topic,
   but could be split into multiple smaller ones)

* Continue the work on making it easier to write (f)tests for
   applications written *with* Grok. See also:


* Associating additional info to events (probably more of an Zope-3
   issue initially). See also:


* Reference documentation. Publishing this online would be good.

* ZCML configuration actions for grok. Currently grok does CA
   registrations immediately. We should change this so grok generates
   zope.configuration actions so that it works better with ZCML.

* KSS for Grok. Godefroid will be there for at least the first half of
   the sprint I heard, so I hope we'll get some KSS integration work
   done. Having this would make me really excited, as there's all sorts
   of cool things we can do with KSS. Besides integration code, I hope
   this can also result in some form of tutorial.

* Viewlets in Grok. Some work was already done on this. Let's step back
   and see how we can make this look natural with Grok.

* Theming hook for Grok. I know JW and Lennart need to talk on this.

* Improving the Admin UI. The Admin UI is now there and looking good.
   Now that we start using it, there are a ton of ideas on how to improve
   it, let's get some of them done.

* Supporting 'pinning versions' in Grok. We should make a good list of
   versions of Grok dependencies, and publish a list on some URL that
   buildout can then reuse. grokproject needs some adjustments too
   to support this.

* Grok and WSGI. Philipp, who unfortunately won't be there, has done
   quite a bit of work on Zope 3/Grok and WSGI. We could investigate this
   work, experiment with some WSGI middleware, and devise a plan to
   get this integrated into Grok.

* Grok release planning. It would be good to sit together and discuss
   the planning of the next release(s).

* Security; make the Grok security "policy" optional/configurable.
   Partially related to this:


   This could be looking into supporting model-level security. JW also
   wants to consider the option to be able to switch from "views
   are public by default" to "views are closed by default".

* Security and the catalog

   An interesting security feature would be to port the catalog magic
   that CMF does to the Zope 3 catalog, as discussed recently on this


* Review, extend and merge the REST branch I did.

Please add your sprint topics!



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