[Grok-dev] Neanderthal sprint topics

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Sep 28 12:36:13 EDT 2007


On 9/28/07, Kevin Smith <kevin at mcweekly.com> wrote:
> Possible sprint topic: Groklets
> A Grok take on viewlets. I've been using some prototype code that
> simplifies 'viewlet' registration for the
> common-case by eliminating the need for a 'viewletmanager'.

> If this is something the community is interested in persuing,  I can
> send along the relevant code, but won't have time to do anything proper
> with it for a month or two.

By all means! Could you check this in somewhere in svn.zope.org?

Besides discussing this at the sprint (and then possibly working on
it), I'd like to get some opinions on the list by people more familiar
with viewlets than I am and who won't be at the sprint. Philipp?



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