[Grok-dev] updated list of Neanderthal sprint topics

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sun Sep 30 04:01:40 EDT 2007

Hi there,

This is an updated list of sprint topics, adding in other proposed ones 
from the earlier thread. Thanks everybody for commenting!

The sprint topics

* The Grok website. Let's get a Plone skin going with Sebastian's
   skin in there. Then let's start organizing content. (large topic,
   but could be split into multiple smaller ones)

* Continue the work on making it easier to write (f)tests for
   applications written *with* Grok. See also:


* Associating additional info to events (probably more of an Zope-3
   issue initially). See also:


* Reference documentation. Publishing this online would be good.

* ZCML configuration actions for grok. Currently grok does CA
   registrations immediately. We should change this so grok generates
   zope.configuration actions so that it works better with ZCML.

* KSS for Grok. Godefroid will be there for at least the first half of
   the sprint I heard, so I hope we'll get some KSS integration work
   done. Having this would make me really excited, as there's all sorts
   of cool things we can do with KSS. Besides integration code, I hope
   this can also result in some form of tutorial.

   See http://svn.zope.org/Sandbox/philikon/megrok.kiss/

* Viewlets in Grok. Some work was already done on this. Let's step back
   and see how we can make this look natural with Grok. Investigate

* Theming hook for Grok. I know JW and Lennart need to talk on this.

* Improving the Admin UI. The Admin UI is now there and looking good.
   Now that we start using it, there are a ton of ideas on how to improve
   it, let's get some of them done.

* Supporting 'pinning versions' in Grok. We should make a good list of
   versions of Grok dependencies, and publish a list on some URL that
   buildout can then reuse. grokproject needs some adjustments too
   to support this.

* Grok and WSGI. Philipp, who unfortunately won't be there, has done
   quite a bit of work on Zope 3/Grok and WSGI. We could investigate this
   work, experiment with some WSGI middleware, and devise a plan to
   get this integrated into Grok. There's a branch of
   grokproject, and zopeproject has more recent work.

* Grok release planning. It would be good to sit together and discuss
   the planning of the next release(s).

* Security; make the Grok security "policy" optional/configurable.
   Partially related to this:


   This could be looking into supporting model-level security. JW also
   wants to consider the option to be able to switch from "views
   are public by default" to "views are closed by default".

* Security and the catalog

   An interesting security feature would be to port the catalog magic
   that CMF does to the Zope 3 catalog, as discussed recently on this


* z3c.formlib integration

* skinning/theming. I'd be interesting to investigate WSGI and
   Deliverance in this area too.

* Hooking Genshi into Grok. See Philipp's note. Test
   various use cases (static content, macros, viewlets, etc, etc) with
   Genshi, and see how it could work together with ZPT.

* Relational/Object mapper integration (SQLAlchemy, Storm, etc).
   Integration between Zope 3 schema and ORM.

   Take a look here:

* Look at Brandon's "Trails" work.

* Uli's work on the i18n branch, getting it reviewed and merged.

* Review, extend and merge the REST branch I did.



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