[Grok-dev] On CMS's in Grok

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Apr 1 18:44:49 EDT 2008

1 apr 2008 kl. 23.27 skrev Martin Aspeli:
> Don't build a Grok CMS.
> Or the corollary:
> Don't try to compete with Plone.


Competition drives innovation, provided that the competing entities  
try to differentiate themselves.

So rather, I think one should say DO build a Grok CMS, but make sure  
it is different in a tangible way.

The "me too" mentality seems to plague PHP, and I agree that it feels  
like a waste of effort, but then again it can have it's merits (just  
like a diversified gene pool).

> I think this is where Grok's niche may have the strongest potential.  
> Don't set about building another general purpose CMS. The open  
> source world has a million of them. Build the tools and services  
> that people who want to build their own CMS applications need -  
> perhaps because they are so overwhelmed by the number of options in  
> the market and want to control their own destiny rather than having  
> to take a bet on an existing platform.

This is a VERY interesting concept that I am absolutely in favour of!

For example, when I wrote my Grok CMS (which is really bare bones and  
workflow centric), I used hurry.query and hurry.workflow, which really  
took me a long way. With a hurry.users and hurry.edithistory I would  
have had almost all of the tricky, generic, parts covered. All I would  
have had to do is connect the dots to suit my purpose. And yes, being  
the captain of my ship is a life saver for me.

Mvh Sebastian

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