[Grok-dev] Adding AJAX with KSS to Grok

Asbjørn E. Andersen asbjorn at hanafjedle.net
Wed Apr 2 12:04:58 EDT 2008


tried that, but didn't seem to help :/

I've managed to debug the issue a little more though, and under
absoluteurl.py/def AbsoluteURL(BrowserView): a function self._getContextName(context)
is called wich returns getattr(context, '__name__', None). This is where None
is returned and the exception is raised. So it seems the AppKSS object has no
__name__ attribute? I've tried setting it to some dummy value real quick, but then nothing at all happened
( no change in website and no error message ).
I'll debug this some more later tonight hopefully ;)


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> exceptions.TypeError: There isn't enough context to
> get URL information. This is probably due to a bug
> in setting up location information.

I don't know if it helps you, but I got this error
recently (since I'm learning KSS) because of a bad

I was trying:

core.replaceHTML('#click-me', '<p>some text</p>')

And got the absolute_url error. But when I changed it

core.replaceHTML('div#click-me', '<p>some text</p>')

Then it worked. I'm still wondering why was that :)


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