[Grok-dev] Teach me Grok

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at utahpython.org
Wed Apr 9 20:01:51 EDT 2008

Okay, that's a big subject. :)  Let me narrow it down to something
hopefully more manageable:

    * Grok offers a lot of building blocks for your web application.
    * Grok is informed by a lot of hard-earned wisdom.

What are some specifics?  What does Grok give me that, say, django
does not?  My impression is that in the past couple years the rest of
the world has rapidly caught up to zope3; is that incorrect?

Question 2, to people who came to zope via grok instead of the other
way around: how quickly did you find you had to learn about zope3 gory
details?  I.e., how leaky of an abstraction layer is Grok?



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