[Grok-dev] Re: cannot install a Grok app that uses "megrok.kss"

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Wed Apr 16 04:02:11 EDT 2008

Brandon Craig Rhodes schrieb:
> I am in rather an embarrassing position, as I am attempting to submit
> the final draft of an article about how cool Grok and KSS are, but my
> Grok app will not successfully install.
> The reason is that the current egg for Grok 0.11.1 under Python 2.4,
> in its EGG-INFO/requires.txt, does not actually pin martian to a
> specific version.  Instead, it makes only the ruinously open-ended
> requirement:
>     martian >= 0.9.2
> And this means that a buildout-installed Grok cannot run, since the
> new martian 0.9.3 that was just released is incompatible with Grok
> 0.11.1.
> I cannot figure out how "grokproject" gets around this - if I start a
> new project with "grokproject", its works just fine because it uses
> martian 0.9.2!  But a Grok project that was checked into Subversion,
> or turned into a .tar.gz, and then has "buildout" run again, gets the
> newer version and cannot operate.
> Does anyone have an idea how Grok could become build-out-able again?

Hi Brandon,

i run into the same problem. I ´ve a patched release of megrok.kss
integrated into my buildout.

develop = . src/megrok.kss

I will discuss the changes with __gotcha to release make
new version of megrok.kss on cheeseshop.

HTH Christian

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