[Grok-dev] Grok release planning and coordination

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Apr 18 13:19:29 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I'll spell out my plans for Grok releases:

* I think we should release Grok 0.12 next week. It contains some new 
features and quite a few bug fixes. It'll provide a good basis for the 
Grokkerdam sprinters who want to build stuff with Grok instead of change 
Grok itself. The one thing we need to make sure of is the use of the 
newest release of z3c.autoinclude, as this changes the ZCML directive 
name, and  also needs modifications to grokproject.

* We should then merge things so that Grok uses grokcore.component. To 
avoid disruption to the Grokkerdam sprinters who want to hack on Grok, 
it'd be great if we could do this *before* the sprint, after 0.12 is 

* The sprint happens. People will hack on Grok in all kind of ways.

* At the end of the sprint, we could consider releasing a Grok 1.0 
alpha. We need to make sure that people don't get this one by default 
though, but need to take some special action to install it. This one is 

* then we proceed to 1.0 final, after the sprint. I'd be great if we 
could expand the documentation before we did a 1.0 release, but we're 
already in a good enough shape. Anyway, we can discuss 1.0 plans more later.

The 0.12 release next week needs a bit of coordination:

* Ethan needs to release a new version of z3c.autoinclude (he's working 
on this)

* I need to modify the grok and grokproject trunks to use this new version.

* Jan-Wijbrand offered to do the actual 0.12 release work, and I'll help 
him. We'd be happy to receive help from people, of course.

After the release, I hope either Brandon or Philipp can merge the 
grokcore.component branch to the Grok trunk. Philipp, are you all right 
with this? You wanted to work on it some, but couldn't that wait until 
after the merge? I think the merge will be a step forward no matter what 
we want to improve afterwards.



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