[Grok-dev] Rules of Grok document; how to integrate this into the website?

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Mon Apr 21 12:16:58 EDT 2008

Rules of Grok is excellent, Martijn! An instant classic if I ever saw one.

>From a teaching point of view, this bit here is sheer genius:

An adapter is much like a view, but is aimed towards developers, not
end users. It presents an interface to an object, but an interface for
developers, not an user interface for end-users.

For anyone unfamiliar with the ZCA it make a lot of sense to introduce
adapters as a something like a view, and then later review that views
are actually multi-adapters.

I like the name "The Rules of Grok", it's intriguing and gives a
proper sense of the importance and the authority of that document.

Manual is not so good, as it could imply that it is "the" manual, and
people would have expectations of completeness etc. I agree with
Wichert that a lot of people don't know that "Cliff's notes" are (and
it is a trademark).

If the "The Rules of Grok" title may baffle some readers, fixing that
is just a matter of presenting the document on the web site with a
short description, such as "a crash course for savvy programmers" or
something, and put it under the spotlight.



PS. I just fixed a few typos and edited some very small bits of the text in svn.

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