[Grok-dev] Request, minor update in the Grok admin

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Apr 21 17:06:40 EDT 2008

Span is intended to be an inline element and div a block "positioning"  
element. So you would normally enclose the code you want to position  
in a div-tag. In this case

<div class="ClassPath"><span>zope</span><span>app</span><span>name</ 

and then the css would be

div.ClassPath { positioning stuff... }
div.ClassPath span { text formatting and spacing }

And if add an ID whenever you have a unique <div> tag in the page you  
often get the right amount of control but without having millions of  
id's and class-names to keep track of. A unique div would be the  
outmost div that holds the collection of attributes, not each div that  
encloses an attribute entry.

Mvh Sebastian

21 apr 2008 kl. 18.51 skrev Uli Fouquet:

> Hi there,
> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> I was just looking at the admin inspector UI to see if I could make
>> some visual improvements,
> Great!
>> however the lack of id attributes makes it a
>> bit awkward. If it is possible it would be great if
>>   <div class="docgrok-entry">
>> could be changed to something like
>>  <div class="docgrok-entry" id="base_class">
> Yes, that's possible, but I can't say when I can change that.
> Eventually, the introspector will get a complete rewrite shortly.
>> and enclosing the names of attributes and containers in <div> rather
>> than <span>
>>   <span class="emph">CustomerDeliveries</span>
>> It would make it a lot simpler to control the appearance from a css.
> That's more difficult. Some 'span' entities such as package names etc.
> are written one after another in a row to simulate a single string. So
> in
>   zope.app.pkgname
> each name ('zope', 'app' and 'pkgname') should appear side by side and
> not on top of each other. Usage of 'div' tags would break that.
> I am not a web designer, so what's the problem with the span tags?
> Kind regards,
> -- 
> Uli

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