[Grok-dev] A Django-like admin in Grok

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Tue Apr 22 02:17:33 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I've just started a new web project... basically a site with lots of  
content users will have to manage themselves. I've used Plone before,  
but keen to use something lighter for this site - I don't want to  
touch Zope 2 and Five.. I've spent a couple of weeks with it, and  
honestly I want something less complicated.

I love the zope component architecture. Grok looks perfect - but I  
have a short timeframe to implement all this.. I don't need a full- 
blown CMS, but a nice-looking admin section which lists content,  
allows users to search on it, edit, add etc. is enough. I've  
eventually settled on Django - the framework is ugly, but I just don't  
have the time to implement something like the Django admin myself...  
plus there is all the RSS, blog, comment etc. addons that I'd have to  

What I'd like to know is.. has anyone created administration sections  
for website users in Grok? How much work is typically involved?

I'm now having problems using zope.interface with Django's ORM (it  
seems to introspect your database objects, and has problems with the  
interface declaration) :(


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