[Grok-dev] Request, minor update in the Grok admin

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Apr 22 06:38:51 EDT 2008

Hi Sebastian,

Am Montag, den 21.04.2008, 23:06 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Ware:
> Span is intended to be an inline element and div a block "positioning"  
> element. So you would normally enclose the code you want to position  
> in a div-tag. In this case
> <div class="ClassPath"><span>zope</span><span>app</span><span>name</ 
> span></div>
> and then the css would be
> div.ClassPath { positioning stuff... }
> div.ClassPath span { text formatting and spacing }
> And if add an ID whenever you have a unique <div> tag in the page you  
> often get the right amount of control but without having millions of  
> id's and class-names to keep track of. A unique div would be the  
> outmost div that holds the collection of attributes, not each div that  
> encloses an attribute entry.

I thought this was the way, I used 'div' and 'span', except that not
every 'ClassPath' is enclosed in 'div's, but also in 'h1' or other tags.
If you want to change it, you might have a look at the view templates in

I just got the news, that my Grok introspector improvement project was
accepted for this year's GSOC :-) Luciano's Flint project was accepted
too (congratulations, Luciano!).

This means, that the whole introspector stuff will get a rewrite in the
next months, but I think, that layout changes could be integrated very
well simultaniously. So I'd propose, that you start with patches for the
views and we can commit them after a review. If you have committer
access you can do it yourself (preferably in a branch) or I could do it
for you. Of course I am willing to help also in other ways, if wanted.

If you do not want to create the patches yourself, this is fine for me
too. But in this case layout changes have to wait for a later phase of
the GSOC, when the new implementation of the introspector is working.

Kind regards,


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