[Grok-dev] sprinters: important!

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Apr 23 11:57:22 EDT 2008

Hi there,

There are a number of things that are important to clear up for the sprint:

* Communication

Sprint communication is going to be happening here, on grok-dev. During 
the sprint, we ask people to also be on the irc channel #grok.

Of course also continue to consult the wiki page:


* Dinner

If you are marked as a + for the first three days of our schedule, we'll 
assume you'll be there for the sprint dinner, generously supplied by our 
host The Health Agency. If you plan to come to the first three days but 
for some reason *don't* want the dinner on some of these days, could you 
make a note about this in the 'diet' column of the table?

If you're '-', tentative or ? we'll assume you won't be wanting dinner.

* The Tentative Trend must end

We really want to know *when* you are going to visit the sprint. We 
recommend you be there for the first day as that's when we'll organize 
things and give an overview of Grok and what's currently going on with 
it. You're also welcome to join us on other days however if you really 
can't make it that day.

So, if you haven't cleared up your tentative attendance by this weekend, 
I'm going to *remove* you from the roster of people who will show up. 
We'll turn you away at the door. No, we won't do that, but please 
cooperate a bit here. It's nice for Dutch people that the sprint is 
nearby, so you can make last minute decisions on whether you want to 
attend or not, but we ask you to make that decision now, please.

This also include those people with question marks in the schedule. 
we'll tolerate a single question mark for the last day, but for the rest 
of the days please either use a + or -.

* Please ensure before the sprint that you have checkin rights in 

Code written at the sprint will likely be checked into svn.zope.org.

How to become a contributor?


To expedite things, mail Jim Fulton (jim at zope.com), and ask whether you 
can fax the agreement. Jim needs a reference from another contributor - 
feel free to cc the mail to Jim to me as well.



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