[Grok-dev] Martian and ExtensionClasses.

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 06:55:33 EDT 2008

When writing the changelog for the EventClass support I realized maybe
this was useful for metclasses as well.
So I asked on #python and Thomas Wouters in his useful style of
helpful rudeness recommended that we don't do type(obj) at all, but
that we do
isinstance(obj, ...). So I tried that:

    def grokkers(self, name, obj):
        obj_type = type(obj)
        if isinstance(obj, (type, types.ClassType)):
            return self._multi_class_grokker.grokkers(name, obj)
        elif isinstance(obj, types.ModuleType):
            return self._multi_global_grokker.grokkers(name, obj)
            return self._multi_instance_grokker.grokkers(name, obj)

This works with ExtensionClasses, and it is supposed to work with
metaclasses as well.

So question to Martijn: Is there any reason you used type(obj) instead
of isinstance(obj, ...) ? It seems like with this change we don't need
to extend the list of classes.


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