[Grok-dev] meet the Grok 1.0 release team

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Dec 2 07:51:26 EST 2008

Hi there,

Since people volunteered (thank you!) I put together a list:

Release manager - Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

JW has been doing this for a while, so this should go well. I'll assist 
him in this. We'll tweak the list of release dates as we go forward.

Documentation release manager - Carlos de la Guardia

I've boldly put Carlos in charge of this, as I know he's very interested 
in our documentation efforts. Carlos, you should definitely seek the 
help of Kevin Teague as he's done a lot for our website and 
documentation efforts. Uli Fouquet has also done a lot of work 
surrounding the Sphinx tools to generate our official docs.

Bug manager - Todd Matsumoto

I know Todd from Infrae. Todd, your job is that our launchpad bug list 
is complete (given what goes on here on grok-dev and whatever else comes 
up), and to monitor what these bugs actually are. If any of them look 
important to you (or you're told by the devs that they are), I'd be good 
if you gave us a, say, weekly update email with the status. Todd, I 
think we still need to give you access to the Grok launchpad, right?

PR lead - Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Jan Ulrich has a lot of PR experience and has been involved in Grok for 
a long time. I'll help Jan Ulrich flesh out the technical details of our 
  PR announcements. We'll do our best together to communicate the Grok 
vision to the world.

Docstring project - Brandon Craig Rhodes

Brandon is going to make sure our grokcore.* and grok and martian 
codebases are supplied with copious docstrings.

General nag - Martijn Faassen

I'll nag everybody to make sure things keep making progress and I'll 
help with cooperation. My hope is that I don't need to do anything. :)

Others not in this list: please do volunteer and don't assume we'll do 
everything. The people in this list need all the help they can get!



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