[Grok-dev] building desktop applications with Zope and Grok

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Dec 5 09:07:55 EST 2008

Hey Lacko,

Lacko Roman wrote:
> Hi, After successful integration of grokcore.component in my project
> (thanks to Martijn's example),

Happy to hear it works!

> I decided that the next step will be
> the integration of grokcore.security.

.. oops ..

> But after installing it with easy_install, I was little disappointed,
> founding that grokcore.security have too many dependencies - exactly
> 80 packages get downloaded ! This is 29 Mb (+/-) of code. For example
> there are such dependencies like ZODB, zope.pagetemplate, zope.app.*

Right now to my knowledge all grokcore.* packages except 
grokcore.component pull in practically all of Zope 3. This is due to the 
strong dependency structure that grew between Zope 3 packages when they 
were still being developed together. That said, I hope Sylvain may be 
able to reduce the dependencies some at least.

> I still think that using grokcore.security is the best way for me,
> and i don't want to reinvent the Wheel.
> So, my question is: Is it possible (and how) to reduce dependencies
> of grokcore.security ?

This is actually one of the topics I'd like to work on after Grok 1.0.

> Perhaps i am first who wan't to use Zope to build desktop
> apllication, and no one has this size-of-installed-packages problem, 
> I understand that when using Zope for web development, size does not
> mater, because source code is saved on server - but in desktop
> applications this is realy problem

It's actually a problem the Zope 3 community is well aware of, but it's 
going to take some hard work resolving. In the mean time let's hope 
Sylvain's work will do the trick for grokcore.security.

For more about the dependency issue in Zope 3, review the following blog 





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