[Grok-dev] reviving the bug tracker

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Dec 11 12:11:24 EST 2008

Hi there,

Thanks Todd for helping us get attention to the bug tracker. We've 
already fixed a few long-standing issues and discovered a few more 
important bugs.

I'm still a bit mystified by how launchpad intends us to use various 
features. The things I understand:

* launchpad has a concept called a 'series' (Grok 0.14.x, Grok 1.0.x, etc).

* launchpad also has a concept of a 'milestone': Grok 0.14.0, Grok 
0.14.1, Grok 0.1.1)

There's also a concept of 'target to release' I don't quite get yet. You 
can click on a button and then target a bug to one or more releases. I 
think this affects the 'series targeted bugs' overview that right now 
doesn't display as many bugs for 1.0 as it should be. Perhaps Todd can 
look into what's up with this - we'd preferably like all open bugs to be 
targetting series 1.0, unless they've already been targetted for 1.1.

We also have a 'trunk' series and the role of this I'm not entirely 
clear about.

We'll figure it out. As a project, let's try to maintain the bugs in the 
bugtrackers a bit more diligently from now on!



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