[Grok-dev] a buildbot for Grok?

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Dec 17 08:51:46 EST 2008

Hi there,

Is there anyone here familiar with buildbots? I know Christian Theune is 
so I hope he's listening.

I'd be great if we could get a buildbot running for the various Grok 
packages in the run-up to 1.0, including running tests for dependencies. 
That way we could hopefully quickly detect problems with failing tests 
on different platforms and such. Currently we're working with Python 2.4 
and Python 2.5, for instance, and Python 2.6 is hopefully not too distant.

There seems to be an "unofficial" Zope buildbot here that runs the Zope 
3.4 "known good set":


I don't think we should let the thing spam the mailing list, but I do 
think we should let a web page up that reports the test status of the 
packages we use. And perhaps a feed we can subscribe to. Though we will 
need to learn how to read buildbot pages...

Anyway, if someone is interested in this project, there seems to be 
quite a bit of knowledge in the community but we need to extract it and 
document it. If you do your job right we can even bless your buildbot 
work as "official" for Grok. :)



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