[Grok-dev] using martian with zip

Lacko Roman rlacko at gratex.com
Mon Dec 22 05:58:25 EST 2008

> Anyway, it has in another discussion here been decided that supporting
> pyc-file only distributions with Grok isn't likely to be supported.
> Grok will (if it doens't already) only grok py-files, to avoid stale
> pyc-files polluting the system.

Well, grok ignoring pyc-files is really bad news for me

I have read the discussion about pyc-support, and i understand developers decission about ignoring pyc-files
But this is web-developer's point-of-view

I'm trying to use grok and zope in general in new ways - like i said before, i'm creatin desktop application
Desktop applications are diffrent like web applications, especially when distributing them.
There is no server that you can control, everything is installed and runs on client.

Why can not grok support for example 2 configurable modes when grokking packages ?
One that Works like now and another that groks only pyc/pyo-files + supporting packages inside ZIP file
I can contribute and implement support for packages inside ZIP file, if there is interest for such feature


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