[Grok-dev] using martian with zip

Toni Mueller support at oeko.net
Mon Dec 22 07:51:52 EST 2008


On Mon, 22.12.2008 at 13:23:40 +0100, Lacko Roman <rlacko at gratex.com> wrote:
> I undestand your arguents about ZIP file But the support for PYC
> files is critical for me, I really can not distribute source files

this you could probably solve by undoing the patches that recently went
into Grok to avoid groking pyc files. You'd probably have to do this
yourself, though.

> (it's more political, than technical question)

But this question you can only solve by adjusting your (and/or your
boss') attitude one way or other.

FWIW, just today I visited a customer who has a vertical application
which actually *is* technically protected from being run on a machine
where there is no license. It turned out that the customer, in this
case, is actually protected from using that particular program on his
computer, despite having a license, because the license verification
mechanism would not work quite right today.

I can only tell you what I'd say if this were my computer and my
program (license)...

Kind regards,

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