[Grok-dev] Dependencies

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Dec 22 20:22:31 EST 2008


A long and somewhat side-tracked discussion on the Repoze lists can be 
summarised thus: The BFG people (Chris mainly) ended up implementing a 
repoze.zcml package that re-implements <adapter />, <utility /> and 
maybe some other directives (<subscriber />, I guess?) sans support for 
trusted components. This meant BFG could shed the following unused 


Since there's been discussion about Grok's desire to reduce 
dependencies, perhaps this is something that could be adopted lower in 
the stack (e.g. making those dependencies optional or at least opt-out 
in Zope 3), thus benefiting everyone?

Chris has promised to help out if anyone can constructively help push 
this into Zope or find a better solution than BFG having to invent its 
own versions of these directives. I'm just a messenger, but Plone is 
also interested in a smaller dependency graph and so there may be ways 
to work together there as well.

Anyone interested in pushing this forward?


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