[Grok-dev] Dependencies

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Tue Dec 23 13:49:45 EST 2008

>> So in effect we'd be increasing the amount of packages that 
>> grokcore.component (and Grok) relies on for no gain that I can see - we 
>> already have in grokcore.component exactly the functionality repoze.bfg 
>> provides, though not in ZCML directive form.
> Yep.  FWIW, you may want to think hard about why the SubscriberGrokker needs to
> call zope.component.interface.provideInterface if you want to support more than
> one grokcore-using application per process.  Maybe it's to support zope.event?
> I'd love to know what used the registrations made by provideInterface.

>From an IRC conversation with Phillipp von W.:

[1:30pm] mcdonc: philiKON_: you might know this... reach deep into your zope
past... what uses the registrations made by
zope.component.interface.provideInterface?  it explicitly uses the global registry
[1:30pm] mcdonc: (i only care because using the global registry is a no-no in
configurations in which more than one zope.component-using app is meant to run
in the same process)
[1:36pm] philiKON_: yeah, the global registry sucks
[1:36pm] philiKON_: provideInterface just registers the interface as a utility
providing IInterface
[1:36pm] philiKON_: it's used by e.g. widgets that allow you to select from a
list of interfaces
[1:36pm] mcdonc: philiKON_: ty!  is this used by, like, the zope2 "interfaces" tab?
[1:37pm] mcdonc: (or any other concrete usage)?
[1:38pm] philiKON_: yeah, that might a potential usage

I still don't understand why it uses the *global* registry, but that sheds some
light on its purpose anyway.

- C

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