[Grok-dev] Persistence issue with grok.Model

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Mon Dec 29 16:08:41 EST 2008

Andreas Jung <lists at zopyx.com> writes:

> I am current encountering a persistence issue ... The instance dict of
> a Job instance holds the **kw dict until I restart my Grok instance.
> After the restart the instance dict is empty.

Could the ZODB simply be lazy about re-populating the object attributes
until you first cause a "getattr" by trying to look at one of them?  Try
adjusting that last method of yours to this:

    def getJobs(self):
        lst = list()
        for id, job in self.context['accounting'].items():
            print id, job.__dict__
                a = job.a
            except AttributeError:
            print id, job.__dict__
        return lst

If ZODB efficient/lazy loading is the problem, then the second "print"
statement should find the attributes populated.

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