[Grok-dev] [website] Let's do content!

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Tue Jan 1 21:18:56 EST 2008

I've been making some edits to the site:

  * I renamed the "Contribute" section to "Participate". This seems to  
fit better with the community related content that will go in that  
area, since Participate implies both giving contributions and  
recieving contributions (e.g. volunteer support).

* I removed the "Download" section for the time being. This was just  
an empty folder and I'm not sure what content to put in there.

* "Evaluate" I added the "Who is Grok?" content from the current site.  
I split the "Why Grok?" content into two pages, and named the second  
page "Grok for Zope 3 developers".

* Lots of other typos, minor edits, corrections, etc. I added a  
Collection to track all content on the web site so that we can track  
edits via RSS:


Content creation tasks and ideas - feel free to volunteer to do one of  
these :)

  * Evaluate > Sample Applications

    - When evaluating a new framework, I always like to see example  
code. We have lots of sample apps for Grok, it'd be good to take some  
apps and put code and explanations of the code into folders inside a  
Sample Apps folder. e.g. Evaluate > Sample Applications > ToDo App

*Evaluate > Grok for ??? developers

  - Sections such as "Grok for Python developers" etc.

* Develop > Teams

  - It's nice to have names and short bios of who's who on the  
project. Perhaps also information about development processes for each  


We are getting pretty close to having everything on the new site equal  
to or greater than the content on the old site. The only big  
outsanding item is the main Tutorial, I'm going to take look at having  
a grok2html script that pushes the content into PHC next. Maybe also  
create a custom PHC home page for Grok so that we can highlight the  
main Tutorial better as the starting area for learning Grok.

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