[Grok-dev] My feedback on the new Grok website

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Thu Jan 3 14:45:28 EST 2008

I haven't participated in building the or designing the new site but 
perhaps my perspective is thus not tainted by limitations or being "home 
blind". The site I'm looking at is: http://plone.grok.quintagroup.com/

In no particular order...

  - The chosen colours are quite unclear and hard to read. Especially...

    - the yellowish text on yellow background and the grey text in
      the navigation

    - The header "Grok Navigator" in the nav

    - The "Log in" and "Register" link in the upper right hand corner

  - I click "Evaluate" and the page is called /about and when I arrive
    it says "Who is Grok?". WTF? Shouldn't the page be called /evaluate
    and the headline be "Evaluate" after the click

    - "Learn" takes me to a page called "Documentation"
      (PS. Learning isn't the same as documenation)

    - "Develop" takes me to a page called "Project"

    - "Participate" takes me to a page called "Community"

  - Why would I want to send or print a page when the print link just
    kicks off the javascript this.print()??
    Who in the developer community ever uses the "Send this page"?

  - The "Current release" block in the nav is great!!

  - The navigator disappears when you do a search :(

  - (more of a Plone problem) it's confusing with what the difference is
     between a "tutorial" and a "how-to" since when skimming the content
     they are to me both tutorials.

  - Having the news in the navigator (after "Current release") clutters
    the design and makes it feel like the navigator is something

  - The old summary ("Grok is a web application framework for Python 
developers....") than the new one ("Grok is a web application framework 
based on Zope 3") because the old one felt more plain and simple.

  - Instead of "Welcome to the Grok framework!" I would suggest "Grok - 
a powerful web framework for cavemen"

Last word... These are just some quick thought and, most importantly, 
first impressions. My aim with the feedback is making the Grok website 
more welcoming to people who can be convinced to dig deeper being 
completely new to it or having already tried Grok.

Peter Bengtsson,
work www.fry-it.com
home www.peterbe.com
hobby www.issuetrackerproduct.com

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