[Grok-dev] My feedback on the new Grok website

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu Jan 3 18:16:01 EST 2008

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>   - The chosen colours are quite unclear and hard to read. Especially...

Yes. I'm especially noticing the flatness and difficult-to-read text on an
older, dimmer LCD display at work.

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>   - Why would I want to send or print a page when the print link just
>     kicks off the javascript this.print()??
>     Who in the developer community ever uses the "Send this page"?

I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I've turned these site
actions off, they aren't something we use in the dev community. I did think
maybe a "Digg this" might be apropos as a site action.

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>   - (more of a Plone problem) it's confusing with what the difference is
>      between a "tutorial" and a "how-to" since when skimming the content
>      they are to me both tutorials.

Well they were all filed under "Tutorial" on the old site. Plone does not
limit what we can name these content types. How-To, Tutorial and Reference
Manual are the default names, but the distinction is primarily just "Single
Section Content, Multi-Page Content and Multi-Chapter/Multi-Section

Note that after the Plone Documentation Team tailored the Plone Help Center
based on user feedback they produced a more Topic and Audience centric
layout (http://plone.org/documentation). The names of the content-types are
probably of not very much interest to an end user and we could probably go
as far as to hide them completely. People don't go to documentation areas
and think "I want to read a How-To" or "I want to read a Tutorial" but
instead think "I want to read about permissions" or "I want to get a deeper
understanding of the ZCA".

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>   - Having the news in the navigator (after "Current release") clutters
>     the design and makes it feel like the navigator is something
>     complicated.

Yes, perhaps ..

Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>   - Instead of "Welcome to the Grok framework!" I would suggest "Grok - 
> a powerful web framework for cavemen"

Where I work the female developers outnumber the male developers so more
politically correct ... "Grok - a powerful web framework for cavemen or

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