[Grok-dev] Getting 1.0 there

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 08:30:30 EST 2008


A slightly belated "Happy New Year" to all!

After my "call" for "Pushing for 1.0", I compiled a list of things I 
think we want to do before releasing Grok 1.0. I think we can conclude 
that we need to:

   * Fix bugs listed on launchpad.

   * Finish the reference documentation.

   * Get the tutorials/howtos and install documentation up-to-date.

Note that, to speak with Philipp von Weitershausen, we should aim for "a 
conservative 1.0 release" - looking at the three bullet points; there's 
enough work to do already anyway :)

Also note that, personally, I do not want to tie the release of Grok 1.0 
to the release of revamped Grok website.

Do you agree?

If we do agree, the next steps I guess should be:

   * Setting a release date

   * Getting volunteers to work on the various tasks

As I said before, I do have some time this week and next week to 
volunteer on tasks - do others have some time "open" to work on Grok 
too, to make January a realistic timeframe for the release?

kind regards,

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