[Grok-dev] More New Grok User Feedback

Noah Gift noah.gift at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 09:55:21 EST 2008

Ok, so my background is that I know some Turbogears, and some Django.   
In the last few months I have done work with Plone, and fortunately  
have had some great teachers on the Zope aspects.  Saying that, here  
is my initial Grok feedback:


1.  A really great tutorial, that is one of the best tutorial's I have  
used for a web framework, and I have done quite a few :)
2.  It might be nice to have a link to ZPT, and some how to for using  
ZPT.  I have some experience with Genshi and I was able to figure  
things out, but it wouldn't hurt.
3.  How do I deploy my grok app?  I already wrote something useful,  
that I want to integrate into a personal project, but I didn't find  
anything on the main website?  Since I have been introduced to zope  
via plone, I think I know how I might go about doing this, but the  
application/buildout aspect is a bit daunting.
4.  In terms of marketing, have you given any thought to a logo people  
can use to show they are proud to be using Grok on their website?


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